Hydrousa Venue

A few words about us

Ανάμεσα στους ολόφυτους ανδριώτικους μπαξέδες γεμάτους λεμονιές και πορτοκαλιές, σε ένα από τα πιο πράσινα σημεία της νησιού, βρίσκεται το κτήμα Υδρούσα. Σε ένα γήινο περιβάλλον, σμιλεμένο από χέρια με μεράκι και αγάπη, εκτείνεται ένας φιλόξενος χώρος, που θυμίζει αγροικία αρχοντικού περασμένων χρόνων,  στην ενδοχώρα της κοσμοπολίτικης Άνδρου, σας περιμένει για να πραγματοποιήσετε την εκδήλωση των ονείρων σας!

For the past 15 years, we have organized extraordinary events of all kinds at the Hydrousa venue, with special experience in weddings and destination weddings. Together we can plan your wedding reception, your child's baptism reception, but also any other kind of event.

We guarantee that you will have the greatest quality of services! Our well-trained staff is experienced for every kind of event. A great gastronomic experience awaits you, interesting and unique menu choices, always based on fresh and quality ingredients.

We also collaborate with a large number of excellent event professionals that will curate the decoration, the music, the photography, the visual effects and sound and special lights effetcs. Together we can create a unique concept for your event!

Leonidas, the estate manager and Matina, the event manager, will be by your side throughout the whole preparation and organization of your event and get everything you could possibly need!

Live a once in a lifetime experience in Hydrousa venue. Don't hesitate to ask for our help! We are here for you.


Our garden

Embraced by nature, among cypresses, olive trees, plane trees and pines, the Hydrousa venue has a special outdoor space created to satisfy even the most demanding visitor. An area of ​​3 acres, with an open bar, an impressive fountain, bougainvillea flowers, lawn and a stone path, accommodates more than 600 people on rotundas or monastic tables. At the center of the venue is the dance floor ,that is made from Tinian plate, where you can dance, cut the wedding cake or give a speech at your event.

Our hall

Our interior is located at the center of the estate and it is surrounded by our fantastic garden. Reminiscent of a country house mansion at the beginning of the century, it takes you to another era. In the parlor inside the impressive white Cycladic building , you will find the elegant and spacious interior space of the estate.The interior space can accommodate up to 250 people. Choose our parlor, for the cold or rainy evenings!

We offer

Having planned many events and weddings the past 10 years at the island of Andros, Ydrousa venue's team has the experience to fulfill your needs. 

Let’s plan together the most important day of your life in the beautiful island of Andros! 

  • Open : All year
  • Opening hours: all day
  • Parking: huge parking space
  • Location & Distance: 2 hours from Rafina port- 45 minutes from Andros port
  • Charge per person: Uppon request
  • Outdoor space for over 600 people on tables
  • Interior space that accommodate up to 250 people on tables
  • Open bar
  • Fountain
  • Custom menu or chef menu
  • Specially designed space for children
  • Electric generator
  • Estate Decoration
  • Dance floor
  • Free parking
  • Parking manager (uppon request)
  • W.C.cleaning service (uppon request)
  • Accessible to people with special needs