The simple, elegant island of Cyclades

Andros or “Hydrousa”, the island of shipowners, of rich bauxites, of natural springs, of wonderful neoclassical architecture, of cobbled alleys, of seamanship,of picturesque fishing villages, is defined by its hospitable people, golden blue beaches and is undoubtedly an original place, not affected by mass tourism. Andros is a hidden gem, in the northernmost part of the Cyclades, just 2 hours from Athens.

The island has gained its own fan base of visitors, mainly from Europe. It is the island for those who seek discreet luxury, nature and culture.

Wedding Destination: Andros

Andros will offer a special experience to your guests. In addition to your wedding, you can also take a tour and discover the hidden beauties of the island and feel like a local.You can hike on one of the most well-preserved network trails in Greece, swim on the most pristine beaches in the Aegean, taste the island's specialties, such as the famous “furtalia”. You can walk on the cosmopolitan squares in the capital of the island, visit the cobbled central market, the Goulandris Museum's international exhibition and enjoy the local raki in the traditional cafes. 

Churches in Andors

Andros has a wide variety of large and small churches, for your wedding ceremony. Hidden chapels with a breathtaking sea view or beautiful majestic churches in capital of the island, you can definitely find the perfect location to perform the ceremony of your wedding in Andros!Ask for our help and we can assist you to find and book the church that suits you best!

Our location in Andros

Hydrousa venue is located 2 km away from the island's capital, Chora. Within 5 km you can find many quality and modern hotels and rooms to let, for every taste. Ask for our help, and we can give you suggestions so you can book your accommodation in Andros island.

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